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Mac wake up from Linux

On the Mac (Intel iMac 10.7), system preferences, energy saver, wake for ethernet network access.

On Linux (Ubuntu 11.04)

# Grab the MAC address out of the ARP table (assuming still on)
ping horse.lan
/usr/sbin/arp -a
horse.lan ( at 00:12:23:34:45:56 [ether] on eth0

# install etherwake
sudo install etherwake
etherwake -i eth0  00:12:23:34:45:56

# now awake
ssh horse.lan

# do stuff
horse:$ scp /Users/AnnaChapman/Desktop/secret_docs.tar.gz julian@wikileaks.org:/home/julian/nextrelease

# power off again
horse:$ pmset sleepnow

This works, the mac powers on. However the screen stays off, but you can still ssh in, do whatever and put it back to sleep.

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