cleartool with UCM baselines for different components

UCM baselines can be found from a VOB using cleartool lstype as follows:

vob using cleartool lstype -short -kind lbtype -invob /vobs/Foo

When there are many UCM components in a VOB then there is no way to see which label corresponds to which UCM component. So say you had two components UcmCompA and UcmCompB.

element /vobs/Foo/UcmCompA/... < rule >
element /vobs/Foo/UcmCompB/... < rule >

Get the PVOB associated with the VOB

cleartool describe -short -ahlink AdminVOB vob:/vobs/Foo | cut -d: -f2

Next – get the UCM baselines

cleartool lsbl -short -component UcmCompA@/vobs/Foo_PVOB

cleartool lsbl -short -component UcmCompB@/vobs/Foo_PVOB

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