Corrupted mythtv database table [SOLVED]

Started seeing “No seektable” when trying to edit recordings – to set cut points…After investigation turned out the table recordedseek in mythconverg was corrupt.

Tried to fix with this but didn’t work.

mysqlcheck --databases mythconverg --auto-repair

Ended up with this solution. Export database excluding bad table, purge database, rebuild and then replay export file on top. Worked perfectly.

# stop mythtv - just in case
sudo service mythtv-backend stop

# backup without bad table - otherwise mysqldump fails
mysqldump --ignore-table=mythconverg.RECORDEDSEEK -p mythconverg > ~/mythconverg-backup.sql

# remove old
mysql -p
> DROP DATABASE mythconverg
> exit
sudo apt-get remove --purge mythtv-database

# replace
sudo apt-get install mythtv-database
mysql -p mythconverg < ~/mythconverg-backup.sql

# start mythtv again
sudo service mythtv-backend start
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