Mounting filesystems over SSH

If you’re using a web host that supports SSH login, then you can mount the filesystem over SSH with Linux. # install the package (debian/ubuntu) sudo apt-get install sshfs # Create a mount point in current directory mkdir # Mount the remote directory “/home/user/” sshfs Or on a mac… by downloading MacFUSE… Continue reading Mounting filesystems over SSH

ToolTips not shown over JWindows

Tooltips not shown on components placed in JWindows. The fix/workaround is the following line somewhere in your application startup. UIManager.getDefaults().put(“ToolTipManager.enableToolTipMode”, “”); ToolTipManager only requires keyboard focus to show tooltips when the property ToolTipManager.enableToolTipMode is set to “activeApplication”. JWindow widgets do not appear to get keyboard focus in the same way top level JFrames do. References… Continue reading ToolTips not shown over JWindows

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xmltv manip timezone fail [solved]

Fail When trying to use xmltv with mythtv, specifically tv_grab_uk_rt, with Ubuntu 10.4 the following error is seen. XMLTV requires a Date::Manip timezone of +0000 to work properly. Current Date::Manip timezone is 1. Fix Use the latest version and dependencies from debian. This is prob. simplest, although same result can be achieved with messing with… Continue reading xmltv manip timezone fail [solved]