Cutting/splitting video files

So we have a video file that needs to be truncated, split etc. without re-encoding… The main contenders are ffmpeg, mplayer/mencoder and VLC. # ffmpeg – uses start time, then duration ffmpeg -ss 00:12:34.5 -t 00:00:59.5 -acodec copy -vcodec copy -i input.mpg output.mpg # mencoder – uses start time / stop time. mencoder -ss 00:12:34.5… Continue reading Cutting/splitting video files

ffmpeg x11grab compilation

For the x11grab input device to be compiled you need to run ./configure with –enable-x11grab. When you’ve run ./configure x11grab should be listed in the indev section like this. Enabled indevs: dv1394 lavfi v4l2 fbdev oss x11_grab_device If x11grab was not listed, then it is most likely Xfixes.h and/or XShm.h files are not in your… Continue reading ffmpeg x11grab compilation